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Why import Toyota Engines from Japan

Japan is the land of Toyota. Toyota has 15 manufacturing plants in Japan. It is the pride of the nation. We are also very proud to have our own head operations in Japan.

Our staff in Japan in an 8 hour-day collects 2 containers worth of Japanese Engines & auto parts, prepares them after testing to ship them in containers all over the world.

In Japan there are no after maket parts, very few repair shops and strict transportation laws force people to discontinue driving their vehicles within 5 years. In order to buy a car, proof of parking space rent is compulsory. Parking costs around $1000 on an average. Public transport like bullet trains, subway & buses are cheaper therefore Japanese people drive only on weekends.

The most import point is that Japanese people love to drive newer models and they generally change their vehicles every three years.

All this results in huge volume of used cars, perfectly fit to drive again; ready to be exported as used cars to other countries or are good for dismantling for auto parts & engine export.

This is the reason why Toyota Engines & Transmissions from Japan are the lowest mileage and better quality.

We receive around two containers containing about 100 JDM Toyota Engines & Toyota Transmissions from Japan.