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Our Rigorous Quality Test Procedure.

Our testing procedure ensures good quality. Every Engine goes through following testing procedure:

- Compression Test: All our Toyota Engines are Compression Tested to check health of the Cylinders.

- Leak Down Test    :  This is important to check for cylinder leaks.

- Oil Pressure Test  : to check the health of oil pump because bad oil pump will make the engine seize easily.

- Sludge Check        :  If oil is changed irregularly by the previous owner, oil will slowly stick to oil pan and all
                                     oil passages in the engine building oil-gunk called sludge. We do a very thorough 
                                     check for sludge. Our engines are completely sludge free.

- Visual Inspection :    We check for cracks, broken brackets and do a visual inspection of the whole Engine 
                                      before it is steam washed and packed for shipment.

Therefore we assure our customers that they will get Toyota Engines that are fully tested that will prove a great investment giving good value for money !