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Lexus Description

Lexus is a luxury brand of Toyota which was first introduced in 1989 in United States. Lexus LS was the first model produced by Lexus. This is a very well known fact that in 1983 Toyota' chairman Eiji Toyoda urged its executive to embark on a new top secret project called " F1 " which meant " Flagship One " which led to the development of first luxury sedan Lexus LS400. The next car they launched was ES250 followed by the first luxury coupe SC400 in 1991 which had the same 1UZ FE engine shared with LS400. Lexus became top selling premium car import by the end of 1991. ES250 was replaced by ES300, followed by GS300 which was actually Toyota Aristo in Japan. In the year 2000s Lexus kept on growing and the success of the brand led to launch of newer models like LX450, LX470, IS300, RX300 etc. We at Engine World realiize the high demand of Lexus Engines, we therefore try our best to carry all major models of Used Lexus Engines in our Inventory.