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Engine Details

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Manufacturer Toyota
Model Toyota Tacoma
Year 2005-2009
Engine Name 1GR FE
Engine Size 4.0
Description 2005-2009 Toyota Tacoma 1GR FE 4.0 ltr Rebuilt Toyota engine for sale.

Toyota Tacoma Description

Buy low mileage and Tested Toyota Tacoma engines. Our Used Toyota Tacoma Engines 5VZ, 3RZ, 2RZ engines come with 6 MONTHS ltd warranty. Call for quote at 1-866-418-3229. Since Tacoma Engines are in demand and we can't get so many from Japan we Rebuild a lot of 3RZ FE & 2RZ FE Engines. While ordering a 2.7 ltr 3RZ FE or 2RZ FE Engine please let us know the intake ports on the head. These engines had 8 intake ports or 4 intake ports. Also 1995-1996 Tacoma had distributor kind 2RZ FE OR 3RZ FE so please specify if you need Distributor kind or coil pack kind Toyota Tacoma Engine. Coil pack type Toyota Tacoma engine came in 1996 and above models. We have a huge inventory of Used & Rebuilt Toyota Tacoma Engines.