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Engine Details

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Manufacturer Toyota
Model Toyota Highlander
Year 2005-2006
Engine Name 3MZ 2WD OR 4WD
Engine Size 3.0
Description Toyota Highlander 3MZ FE V6 3.3 ltr rebuilt engine for 2006 Highlander for sale. Vin Identification: VIN P, 5TH DIGIT. We sell both 2WD & 4WD rebuilt 3.3 ltr 3MZ engine for Highlander.

Toyota Highlander Description

Toyota Highlander is also called Toyota Kluger in Japan. Believe it or not it is a taller & heavier version of Toyota Camry. Toyota Highlander Engines in the U.S for 2001 to 2007 models were 2AZ FE 4 cylinder engine same as Toyota Camry Engine for 2002 up Camry, which had 2WD & 4WD option for Highlander. V6 Engine Toyota Highlander Engine was 1MZ FE VVTI 3.0 ltr version & also 3MZ FE 3.3 ltr V6 version. Toyota Highlander Engines are very difficult to find but since we have our own head office in Japan it makes our job easier. Used Toyota Highlander Engines are very difficult to find in the U.S too as they are generally highly priced. Call us for Cheap Toyota Highlander Engines ! Our Toyota Highlander motors are fully tested before they are shipped. Since Toyota Highlander Engine 2AZ FE & 1MZ is same as Camry they make them even more popular !

Rebuilt Toyota Engines for Toyota Highlander 1MZ VVTI from Mike Jag on Vimeo.