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Engine Details

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Manufacturer Toyota
Model Toyota Celica
Year 2000-2006
Engine Name 2ZZ FE
Engine Size 1.8
Description 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Toyota Celica GTS used Toyota 2ZZ FE engine

Toyota Celica Description

The world Celica is derived from a latin word where Celica means "heavenly" or " celestial" Toyota was mostly powered by 4 cylinder engines. 1989-95 Toyota Celicas Engines were 4A FE, 3SFE, 3SGE, 3SGTE Turbo & 5SFE Engines. 1993-1999 Toyota Celica Engines were 7A FE, 3SFE ( 97 up were coil pack type & earlier ones were distributor kind), 3S GE, 3S GTE & 5SFE. 1999- 2006 Toyota Celica Engines were 1ZZ FE, which was also Toyota Corolla engine & 2ZZ FE which is a high HP Toyota Celica Engine. Our Used Toyota Celica Engines are very much in demand but we can't lay our hands on too many of these because they are the same for Toyota Corolla. Call us for Cheap Toyota Celica Engines ! JDM Toyota Celica Engines are the best quality & low mileage that give good value for money.